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everything changes

Hello, people who have shown interest in my songs. I wrote one tonight. I decided to share it with you.

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northbound train

“A few of you have expressed interest in reading my song lyrics. I wrote this song about a boy who stole my heart and was surprised to find I’d stolen his too.”

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sent pieces

And when I hit the ground / And shatter, let me be / Spout your cutting reasons why I do / And I’ll send the pieces of myself to you

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do you remember

Do you remember that time / Do you remember those days / And all the ways we used to entertain ourselves / Wasting hours on the games we played

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it’s not so bad

“The following is a free-form poem I wrote in high school which I found whilst cleaning my room the other day. I thought it merited saving.”

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am i to assume all beggars are equestrians?

A lot has happened to me in the months since I last posted, and I’ve grown quite a bit, but I also feel like nothing has changed. […] I’m happy with the direction my life is taking, but the older I get, the more easily I get hurt when things don’t pan out the way my heart wants them to, even when my head knew better all along.

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