facebook wont let me sleep

December 27, 2011 at 12:08 pm Leave a comment

Me: So sleepy.
Facebook: Your friend just said something funny. You should leave them a comment.
Me: But… sleepy…
Facebook: You don’t want your friends to know you think they’re funny? Come on. It’s like two seconds. Oh while you do that, look at this picture I found of you two from 5 years ago.
*5 hours later*
Me: -So- sleepy.
Facebook: Post a status about it.
Me: Who cares how tired I am, honestly?
Facebook: Everyone.
Me: Everyone?
Facebook: Yes. Everyone cares. While you’re posting that status, I thought you’d like to know what song your friend is listening to on Spotify.
Me: Why would I…
Facebook: Oh, hey, you got a new Like.
Me: Oooh where?!
Facebook: That’s it. Keep clicking.
Me: Hm?
Facebook: Oh, um, I said, “Your status is deep and gripping.”
Me: >.>
Facebook: I love you?
Me: …I’m going to bed.
Facebook: Wait! Uh, somebody, uh, just, uh, they did something! And, uh, uh, old statuses and pictures! YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED TO TIMELINE YET!! COME BACK!!!!

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i remember he loved abba-zaba…

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