the death of the iPhone: a rant by anna m. younce

April 30, 2011 at 12:18 am 5 comments

The Death Of The iPhone
or Why I Hate Apple Products

A Rant by Anna M. Younce
featuring Alicia D. Barbour

Alicia says (11:55 PM)
i got a blackberry torch
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:55 PM)
fun ^_^
Alicia says (11:55 PM)
i kinda want an android
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:55 PM)
Alicia says (11:55 PM)
bc they get all the fun apps
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:55 PM)
i love the OS
i hate hate hate apple’s OS
Alicia says (11:55 PM)
i don’t mind it
nikki doesn’t like her iphone
it breaks all the time
we’re both kind of rough on phones
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:55 PM)
it frustrates me because it’s just never made sense to me
Alicia says (11:56 PM)
but my torch survives everything
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:56 PM)
i’ve never liked a single apple product i’ve used
i come across way too many instances of “HOW THE HELL DO I GET IT TO DO THIS VERY SIMPLE TASK”
Alicia says (11:56 PM)
i know!
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:56 PM)
like with the iPod
Alicia says (11:56 PM)
my friend just fb messaged me to go hang out on the patio outside
at 2am
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:56 PM)
Alicia says (11:57 PM)
be back in a bit maybe
if i don’t die
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:57 PM)
haha kk
don’t die
it’s not allowed
but yeah *finishing rant for you to find later and be amused at*
Alicia says (11:57 PM)
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:57 PM)
with the iPod
Alicia says (11:57 PM)
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:57 PM)
i am in the menu looking through things
i want to go back to the now playing screen
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:58 PM)
what do i have to do?
go all the way to the top menu
and scroll down with the annoying touch sensitive wheel that never quite works right
Xanna -MelindraX- says (11:59 PM)
it’s like… fucking… rocket science to get it to go down just one option
but yeah you have to scroll down to the now playing option
on my sansa
it has a button
a dedicated button for the menu
and if i push it twice, do you know what happens?
it goes back to the now playing screen
Xanna -MelindraX- says (12:00 AM)
and when i push it once again
it goes right back to where i left the menu
oh and the wheel
-actually moves-
so i can turn it as much as i want it to go
but yes
that is one example
Xanna -MelindraX- says (12:01 AM)
of why i hate apple products
don’t even get me started on macs and how the menus work and the buttons are all different, etc etc
Xanna -MelindraX- says (12:02 AM)
but yes.
i love android
plus it’s powered by google
so there’s lots of fun integration
but this is what will be the death of the iPhone
Xanna -MelindraX- says (12:03 AM)
right now they have the corner on the market for apps
because they started it all
and loads of people do apps just for iProducts
but iPhones (and iPod touches, etc) are the only things that use that market
Xanna -MelindraX- says (12:04 AM)
lots of companies have access to android
so it’s mac versus every other phone/tablet/mobile-device-making company out there
eventually the android market will catch up
Xanna -MelindraX- says (12:05 AM)
and on that day
on that day, alicia
i will throw a party.
and there will be cake.
and a piñata.
and inside that piñata
will be gift cards.
gift cards to iTunes.
because i’m ironic like that.

No, I don’t care if they changed it so you can get back to Now Playing easier. I just. Don’t. Like. Apple. /endrant

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just because I can the mind of a child

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  • 1. India  |  April 30, 2011 at 8:33 am

    you’re so goddam irrational with this! you’re like a good ole boy who just can’t see them wimmin getting the vote. “it just ain’t natural!”

    • 2. Anna  |  April 30, 2011 at 8:44 am

      Hey I don’t have to like something I just don’t like.

  • 3. India  |  May 1, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    sure, but it seems you try once and then hate. there’s necessarily going to be a period of adjustment, is all i’m saying.

    • 4. Anna  |  May 1, 2011 at 9:16 pm

      But why do I need to adjust when I have options that work the way I want them to right away?

  • 5. India  |  May 1, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    whatever your original reason for trying a new OS was… that’s the reason to give it time.


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