my day off

March 29, 2011 at 9:07 pm Leave a comment

1:01p – Wake up. Turn off alarm. Roll over. Go back to sleep.

1:46p – Wake up. Fo realz.

3:14p – Get out of bed.

4:00p – Finish checking Facebook/Twitter. Relocate to livingroom to sit with mom as requested. Eat slice of cold cheese pizza because nothing in kitchen looks appetizing.

4:30p – Annoying feelings of lethargy from not committing my day to “doing things” become apparent.

5:12p – Threshold for suffering through Celine Dion reached. Go back to room.

5:45p – Experience sharp increase in feelings of lethargy. Decide to go for a run on cross trainer.

5:49p – Turn off TV on way through livingroom because Rihanna is whine-singing slightly under pitch about how she doesn’t want to hurt some guy. Consider irony of song causing me pain.

5:55p – Begin work out.

6:05p – Suddenly feel strong urge to vomit. Realize I only ate slice of cold cheese pizza today.

6:10p – Lay flat on back on bedroom floor in front of fan in an attempt to cool down/reduce nausea.

6:19p – Relocate to bed. Attempt to remain sitting and converse with friends from other continents.

6:20p – Immediately realize this isn’t going to work. Curl into ball at foot of bed. Continue to sit up occasionally to converse.

6:46p – Doze off.

7:06p – Realize I’ve dozed off. Realize stomach pain is beginning to reside. Admire self. Go back to sleep.

7:59p – Wake up. Fo realz.

8:05p – Finish checking Facebook/Twitter. Consider eating bowl of cereal. Decide to write blog post instead.

9:07p – Finish blog post. Embark upon journey to find something appetizing in kitchen.

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