sent pieces

February 21, 2011 at 11:51 pm Leave a comment

You didn’t want to break my heart
I promised it would be my fault
I gave you every out
Still I end up bleeding
Figures, if you know my history

It only has to happen once
Can you blame me for wishing it was you?
I think I was pretending all along
Afraid to be alone
I liked the feeling of you holding me

I let you bring me to my knees
That isn’t all
I let you drive my fantasies
And what a fall
For when I hit the ground
I shattered drastically
And sent the pieces of myself to you

And I don’t like the way you are
It’s such a shame that I can’t make myself not care what you think
Every word you say
Has a meaning to me
I rise and fall with every breath you breathe


The wicked cycle just repeats
I don’t see it changing soon
But the ups are worth the downs
And all the smiles outlast the frowns
Oh, the things I let you do to me


And when I hit the ground
And shatter, let me be,
Spout your cutting reasons why I do
And I’ll send the pieces of myself to you

Entry filed under: music, prose/poetry.

do you remember my day off

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